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Don’t miss out on top talent. Small businesses. Large corporations. Business leaders. HR professionals. People managers. Colleagues and team members. Everyone can take action on inclusion.

A learning series on disability
inclusion at work

Our business-education-employment partnership created this learning series to build capacity for disability inclusion at work. Talent with disabilities can be your organization’s competitive edge. Hone in on specific skills or work through all courses for in-depth knowledge. An engaging mix of media drives learning and action in three key ways.

  • Bite-sized, self-guided learning with story-telling videos to “make it real” for learners.
  • A training toolkit to tailor group sessions for your staff, managers, leaders or business clients.
  • A repository of tools to take action on disability inclusion and “make it real” for your business.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada and the Government of Ontario.

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1. Start the conversation 2. Hire inclusively 3. Provide accommodation 4. Keep and grow talent

Then, explore how to make it real with resources, toolkits and templates.

1. Start the conversation

Performance outcome:
Bring forward disability inclusion as “part of the job” in your workplace

Module 1.1

Inclusion matters

Learning objective: Describe the value of disability inclusion at work

Module 1.2

Build understanding

Learning objective:
Explain disability in the workplace

Module 1.3

Create awareness

Learning objective: Discuss inclusive practices and behaviours

2. Hire inclusively

Performance outcome:
Adopt inclusive practices to effectively hire and onboard talent with disabilities

Module 2.1

Broaden recruitment

Learning objective: Construct an inclusive approach to recruitment

Module 2.2

Select the best

Learning objective: Recognize and apply inclusive selection methods

Module 2.3

Onboard effectively

Learning objective: Select inclusive and impactful onboarding practices

3. Provide accommodation

Performance outcome:
Gain sufficient knowledge and confidence to discuss job accommodations and work toward solutions

Module 3.1

Understand obligations

Learning objective: Identify legal requirements and good practices for accommodation

Module 3.2

Encourage disclosure

Learning objective: Recognize how organizations can encourage disclosure

Module 3.3

Respond to requests

Learning objective: Review and select appropriate accommodation responses

4. Keep and grow talent

Performance outcome:
Embrace wellness and inclusive practices to retain and manage talent with disabilities

Module 4.1

Focus on wellness

Learning objective: Describe and discuss a safe, healthy work-place and mental health at work

Module 4.2

Manage and develop talent

Learning objective: Identify requirements and select inclusive practices

Module 4.3

Reinforce inclusive culture

Learning objective: Review and choose actions to “bring to life” an inclusive culture

Make it real

Tools and resources to help you to take action on disability inclusion, organized under three sections.

Learn more

Make it real

Training opportunities, readings and research to continue your personal learning journey.

Teach others

Make it real

A training toolkit to continue to build organizational capacity.

Create change

Make it real

Tools and templates to help your business move from learning to action.